Cugavadi’s Chris van Dijl presented at the recent EuroFinance Trade, Treasury and Cash Management in the Middle East Conference in Dubai organised by EuroFinance.


When doing it yourself is best

Ever felt that your company needs to move towards greater agnosticity in your bank relationships? Are you thinking about the kinds of structures that will help you on the path towards greater centralization, visibility and control? Keen to streamline your local bank accounts and reduce reliance on local bank credit lines? Then setting up a corporate in-house bank may be the best step for you. The cost savings can be high, and the efficiency gains include total visibility of all bank balances, transaction flows and increased automation with standardised bank information. The disciplines involved can also help you create the preconditions for gaining alternative finance through setting up the kind of robust, well developed internal processes and procedures that will help you on the road. This speaker explores what it takes to set up an in-house bank, how it works and the technology needed.


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Cugavadi is a specialised niche firm with offices in Dubai and the United States focussing on Treasury and Risk Management consultancy services. Cugavadi was founded by industry experts with each over 15 years of background in Corporate Treasury, Risk, Finance and Consultancy gained from international and local markets.

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